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When you are looking for a great transportation service

Things to consider when looking for the right transporation service to trust getting you to and from your occasions are:

  • Finding a better price doesn't always mean better service. We find all too often that people that are looking for the best price usually end up not satisfied with their service. The car was late, the driver was not professional, the car wasn't clean or wasn't what you expected to pay for.

  • Large companies even the small companies will cancel on you for no reason sometimes at the last minute leaving you without transportation and many times will not refund your money.

  • Safety and professionalism go a long way in this industry and if you aren't looking at a company that takes safety and professionalism to heart then you will not be happy.

  • Read the reviews and do not settle with the first company that looks good. Look into what they have to offer and read their reviews and look to see their rating on the BBB

  • If the company has automated phone service or you never get a live person maybe think twice before you book with them as it might be difficult to reach someone if there were an issue with your reservation or your driver, vehicle and overall service.

At Elan Limousine Service we take your safety and our professional client service very seriously and we always keep on top of our vehicles to ensure that you will always have on time service and we stand behind our contract as well. Our reviews and our BBB rating speaks for itself when it comes to our excellence in our transportation service. From the time you call us to when you have been dropped at your final destination we treat all of our clients like the VIP you deserve. We always put our best foot forward. Our chauffeurs are trained to excel in our safety and professional manners as well. We never will cancel on you unless it is stated in our contract due to extreme weather that would deem transportation unsafe travel or if there is a state of emergency in place. We will never put you or any of our chauffeurs our vehicles or our company in jeopardy.

If we do run into an issue we will communicate with you and work to resolve the issues quickly and efficently to keep you moving without delay.


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