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Regarding Limo Reservations, Rates, & More

1. What type of services do you provide?
We provide "Guided As Directed", "Custom", "Airport" and "Pick up and Drop off" chauffeured transportation for all occasions.

2. When does the hourly rate or time start?
All services start from our downtown Indianapolis office and return to our office. It is based on time and mileage.

3. Do you have a minimum number of hours?
Yes, our minimum for an hourly reservation is (2) hours Monday-Thursday and (3) hours Friday - Sunday before 6pm. (4) hours minimum after 6pm.  Some services may be priced at a flat fee. Such as any pick up and drop off service or airport service. These minimums are subject to change during Peak Events.

4. What vehicles do you offer for hire?
Currently we offer late model Cadillac Sedans, Crossover SUV's, Full size SUV's, Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousines and Stretched SUV Limousines.  

5. What type of payments do you accept?
American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Billing Accounts are available for all clients that have registered an account online. 

6. How is gratuity handled and what additional fees can I expect?
We bill the industry standard 20% in with your base rate in order to give you the all-inclusive rates that we offer. Any additional cash gratuities are always appreciated if your chauffeur goes above and beyond. Tolls and other surface fees will be added to the bill. Parking fees, where applicable, will also be added to the bill. We also charge a 5% credit card processing fee on all credit card reservations.

7. Do you offer point-to-point transportation?
Yes, a minimum charge does apply each way and it's based on our travel time to and from our office.
The rate is then determined on the time it will take us to get to you and then to your destination and back to our office.

8. Do you require a deposit?
Yes, however the deposits may vary depending on the type of reservation being booked as well as the nature of the occasion.  Example: Proms, bachelor and bachelorette and beer and wine tours are required reservations and occasions where a deposit would be required. If a deposit is required or you wish to put down a deposit then 20% down on any amount $500.00 and under or 50% down of $501.00 or more. With remaining balance to be paid 7 days prior to reservation date and prior to 24 hours of scheduled reservation and adhere to cancellation policies.


9. What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is if you must cancel with us and we haven't processed your credit card for a deposit or the reservation amount then there will be no cancellation fee billed as long as car hasn't been dispatched as per contracted reservation date and time. If we have collected a deposit and you cancel 8 days or more prior to the reservation date then you will be refunded 50% of the deposit.  If you cancel 7 days or less then you will forfeit your deposit.  If we have billed your credit card the total amount due on the reservation and you cancel 48 hours or more to the reservation you will be refunded 50% of the total bill. If you cancel 47 hours or less no refund will be issued.

If you have a refund due for any reason please allow up to 15 business days for that to be issued back to your credit card or if you have paid by check up to 30 days for that to be issued.

10. What if I NO SHOW?

If you have a scheduled reservation with us whether it be an airport or a regular reservation and we show up and you don't or if a vehicle has been dispatched and we arrive and then you cancel your reservation then you will be billed the full amount of the reservation plus any wait time parking or tolls that may be incurred to us arriving at your pick up location.

11. Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, we are happy to provide you with an Elegant Certificate for any amount that can be personalized for your recipient.


12. Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?

No absolutely not! We DO NOT PERMIT SMOKING in any of  our vehicles nor any of our affiliates vehicles.  If you are caught smoking we have the right to terminate the reservation without refund or if you cause any damage to our vehicles because of smoking you will be subject to the expense of that damage for repairs and down time of vehicle. This includes and vaping products as well.

13. Indiana Seat Belt Law and Child seat safety.

We respect and will adhere to the current Indiana seat belt law.  All Clients transported by Elan Limousine Service, LLC will be required to correctly use a seat belt if a seat belt is present. If a Client has infant in car seats it will be the Clients responsibility to ensue the car seat is securely fasten in the vehicle. If any Clients fail to use the safety precautions addressed herein or do not secure or have infants in the required and approved car seat. The Client or Clients party will not hold Elan Limousine Service, LLC nor any of the companies employees or chauffeurs or office staff or owners responsible for any fines  or injury caused by the Client and or Clients  failure to comply with the law. In the event the Elan Limousine Service, LLC receives a fine for the Client or Clients lack of complying with the seat belt law, the cost of the fine will be billed to the Client.

These are just some of the important policies that we have set in place not only for your safety and general knowledge but for our safety and protection as a company. 


We take pride in your safety and want to ensure that you have hassle free transportation with us no matter what the occasion.

Should you have any question not listed here


please call our office or email  by selecting one of the links below



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