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Our Terms of Service



Elan Limousine Service, LLC: is NOT liable for any delays that may result in the event of mechanical breakdown while on this contracted reservation.  We are NOT to be held liable for any unforeseen or uncontrollable issues such as any lighting, radio, tv or electrical or non-electrical that may occur while under this contracted reservation. We are also NOT to be held liable for any prior damaged or broken parts of any vehicles that require extreme repairs or that are either un-replaceable out of the normal wear and tear of any of our vehicles due to age or damage due by nature or natural causes.  This also includes any vehicles that we have contracted from any affiliate or outside source to accommodate your transportation.  We WILL NOT issue any refunds for any issue unforeseen or mishap that is beyond our control. If we have completed this contracted reservation from start to finish With-out a mechanical breakdown that causes you to miss or be extremely late for your destination, then this contracted reservation has been fulfilled and NON-REFUNDABLE.  If we do happen to have a major issue, we will do everything we can to rectify the problem quickly and safely to ensure that we can complete this contracted reservation without any major loss of time or to keep you delayed to your destination. 


Elan Limousine Service, LLC: is NOT to be held responsible for delays or trip terminations due to weather or unsafe road conditions, road construction, accidents, or any other acts of nature or unforeseen mishaps that may or could occur during this contracted reservation.


Financial Liability: (You) the Client assume full financial liability for any damage to our vehicle that may be caused during this contract by (You) the Client or any member of Clients’ party. (You) the signing Client of this contracted reservation are the only one that we and your chauffeur will answer to.  Unless otherwise stated no one in (You) the Clients’ party will be able to instruct the chauffeur to leave or make any changes to this contracted reservation unless approved by (You) the Client(You) the Client are responsible for all actions while under this contracted reservation.


Fines and Fees: Fees from $250.00 up to $1,000.00 or more plus all court costs will be solely the responsibility of (You) the Client. We will bill accordingly if (You) the Client or anyone in Clients’ party vomits or has any gastrointestinal or urinary accidents or incidents. (You) the Client will be billed due to the Bio-Hazard clean-up, and the time vehicle would be out of commission to allow for such clean up and or repairs.


Alcohol and Drug use: Under-age alcohol consumption and drug use are prohibited by law and by the terms of this contract. If (You) the Client that is over 21 or anyone in Clients’ party that is over 21 is to bring alcohol on board any of our vehicles a $250.00 deposit will be required. Deposit is refunded or put towards the total bill if no damage has occurred, or anyone has been sick while in our vehicles. (Contracted Client will pay for any additional fines or fees when applicable by law). 


Contract Termination: Our Chauffeur has the right to terminate this contract at any time if there is a blatant indiscretion on the part of (You) the Client and or anyone in (You) the Clients’ party. If this reservation is terminated by your chauffeur or by our office due to any blatant indiscretion there will be NO REFUND and you will be responsible for the entire bill of this reservation and if necessary any legal action that we may be forced to take against (You) the Client.  (You) the Client will be held responsible for any and all legal cost and any loss of revenue if vehicle is damaged or if your chauffeur is hurt from the indiscretion.  Vulgar language, rudeness, being disrespectful to your chauffeur, damaging the vehicle and or threatening are some examples of blatant indiscretions that will not be tolerated.


SMOKING POLICY: Smoking of any kind will NOT be allowed at any time in any of our vehicles. This goes for any vaping products as well.


Processing Fees: We will gladly accept all major credit cards and will take them over the phone. We can even send a link to where you can enter and pay for your reservation discreetly via square. When giving your credit card to us over the phone or via a link you are acknowledging your approval for us to process your credit card to the terms of this contract along with any additional fees that may be added or occurred. We do charge a 5% processing fee for all reservations.  We’ve added credit card verification at the bottom of this contract that you must fill out and return to us via email to


Overtime: Overtime charges will apply after the first 15 minutes of your reservation end time has expired. If (You) the Client haven’t contacted your chauffeur and asked if you could extend or have received approval from our office to extend your limousine contract with us. Your reservation has ended by the prearranged reservation end time the vehicle will leave, and we will not be responsible for (You) the Client nor anyone in (You) the Clients’ party.  Once the vehicle has left it will not be returned to you as that vehicle may be reserved for another contract.  It is wise to check to see if we can accommodate overtime before assuming that we can. We do leave it to our chauffeur if they are willing to extend your time and we would need a signature to validate any overtime and must be done within 15 minutes of your set end time. Once the vehicle leaves, we will not be responsible for any items left in the vehicle. (You) the Client will need to plan to retrieve any left items within 24 hours of the expired contract time otherwise we will have them discarded. If (You) the Client have decided to extend your limousine contract with us, then we will bill the additional time based on a per hour rate of that vehicle class plus gratuity and any additional applicable fees that may occur such as waiting times or parking.


Elan Limousine Service, LLC:  We WILL NOT be held responsible or liable for any articles or items left in any of our vehicles.  We will discard them upon within 24 hours after the vehicle has returned to our office. If you believe you have left something, please contact us immediately to plan to retrieve your item(s).


Maximum Occupancy: Our vehicles may not be loaded beyond seating capacity. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is law and regulated by our insurance.


Deposits, Balance Due and Cancellations:

All hourly and pick up and drop off reservations: will be charged a $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the reservation. If you cancel you will forfeit the $100.00 deposit as long as we haven’t taken any additional deposit or payment in full. If you have paid more than the $100.00 deposit, then the following will be applied:


The balance for the prearranged time of this contracted reservation must be paid in full prior to this agreement. If (You) the Client must cancel your reservation with us, and we haven't processed your credit card for a deposit or the total reservation amount then there will be no cancellation fee billed as long as the vehicle assigned to this reservation hasn't been dispatched as per this contracted reservation date and time. 


If we have collected a deposit in addition to the $100.00 non-refundable deposit and you cancel 8 days or more prior to reservation date, then you will be refunded 50% of deposit excluding the initial $100.00 deposit to secure this contracted reservation. If (You) the Client cancel 7 days or less, then you forfeit your entire deposit. If we have billed your credit card, the total amount due on the reservation and (You) the Client cancel 48 hours or more to the reservation you will be refunded 50% of the total bill excluding the initial $100.00 deposit. If you cancel 47 hours or less, then no refund will be issued.


 All airport reservations: will require a $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the reservation. If you cancel due to the airline canceling your flight and you cancel with us less than 47 hours, we will issue a credit to carry over to your rescheduled flight. If you do not reschedule and use the credit, then any deposit or full payment made towards this contracted reservation will not be refunded.


If you are an account holder and cancel this reservation you will adhere to the same policy stated above. In addition to you if you have a scheduled pick up date and time as per this contract and you cancel less than 24 hours you will be subjected to the full amount due and will be invoiced and billed in accordance to 100% of the total due on this reservation. For all account holders we will need a credit card on file no exceptions. We will also need a signature on file as well.


Deposits & Refunds: $500.00 or less will require 20% deposit based on the total reservation amount and on $501.00 or more will require 50% deposit based on the total reservation amount with the remaining balance to be paid in full 8 days prior to the reservation date or at minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled reservation date and adhere to cancellation policy above. Please allow up to 15 business days for any refunds to be refunded to your credit card or if by check up to 30 days for refund to be issued.


No Show or Cancellation: If we show up and (You) the Client are a "No Show" or " A Cancel upon Arrival" reservation at the airport or any Pre-arranged pick up location and (You) the Client haven't contacted us prior to our vehicles being dispatched then (You) the Client will be billed the entire amount of the contracted reservation plus any additional wait time, tolls or parking fees.


Minors: Parents your signature is required for all minor passengers that are not being accompanied by an adult in any of our vehicles. You are releasing Elan Limousine Service, LLC of any liability for actions of minors while in our vehicles. The privacy divider must always remain open while there are only minors in any of our limousines. We have the right to inspect all bags and items that are brought onboard. We want to ensure your children are in safe professional hands with our chauffeurs. We do not want to see anyone hurt or bring any illegal substances into any of our vehicles. We have the right to refuse food and drinks if it creates a huge mess. Please understand that any additional or excessive clean-up will be (You) the Clients’ responsibility.


Elan Limousine Account Holders: You are subjected to all the same terms and conditions of this contract as stated above and below even though you may access your reservations with us and your accounts via our online portal.

Seat Belts: Elan Limousine Service, LLC will respect and adhere to the current "Indiana Seat Belt Law" All Clients transported by Elan Limousine Service, LLC will be required to correctly use a seat belt if a seat belt is present. If a client has infants in car seats it will be the Clients responsibility to ensure the car seat is securely fasten in the vehicle. If any Client fails to use the safety precautions addressed herein or does not secure or have infants in required and approved car seat. The Client or Clients party will not hold Elan Limousine Service, LLC nor any of the companies’ employees, chauffeurs, office staff, contractors and or owners responsible for any fines or injury caused by the Client and or Client’s failure to comply with the law. We Will NOT supply or be held liable for any child seats. We Will Store your child’s seat for you for a storage fee of $15.00 per seat for no more than 15 days. If you plan to stay longer and need us to store past 15 days, we will add $2.00 per day to the storage bill. Please let us know if you wish for us to store your child seat so that we may add that fee to this reservation. If Elan Limousine Service, LLC receives a fine for the Client or Clients lack of complying with the seat belt law, the cost of the fine will be billed to the (You) the Client.

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