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Happy Birthday!

Elan Limousine Service has been turning their wheels now for 6 years. On January 27th, 2021 Elan Limousine Service turned 6 years old. From just a childhood dream to a living, breathing machine of reality what a journey we've had so far. We are so grateful to all of our loyal clientele and to our chauffeurs for hanging in and hanging on with us these past 6 years.

We hope that especially with this past year and all we have been faced and struggled through in this world that we all will over come any short falls or loss that we didn't ask for, but hopefully have been able to manage with hopes that a better day is coming for us all.

We here at Elan Limousine Service do not like to get involved with any political or religious points of view since we strive to remain very neutral. We are here to provide our services for anyone that is needing transportation. We do not discriminate nor censor any one by their background, or beliefs. We welcome everyone!

With that said we hope to be of service to you real soon!

Let us here at Elan Limousine Service be your premier choice for all your transportation needs.


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