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Covid 19

We know that this is a subject that is concerning for some but others it has become just another part of our lives. No matter where you stand or what you may have lost or endured these past few years. We just want you to know that we stand firm on the facts. We believe that everyone has the right to make a proper decision for their own health in their own time and free will. This is between you and your doctor. We have added to our contract and have made very clear we will not force or mandate any mask or vaccinations for anyone to use our services nor will we force or mandate mask or vaccinations for any members of our staff, drivers, or anyone associated with in our company nor our affiliates. We have taken these past few years very seriously. However, our services are not a right they are a privilege and therefore if you feel that you wish not to use our services then that is your right. We do consider everyone's safety and security and we have taken every precaution that we can to ensure that you will be safe in any of our vehicles. We hope that no matter where you stand that you will take care of yourself and those that you care about. We are here for you and hope that we can continue to be here providing our transportation services for years to come.,


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