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The I Promise Program – Teen Passenger Limousine Contract 


Teen driver car crashes remain the leading cause of permanent injury and fatalities in youth. We are pleased therefore that you have chosen Elan Limousine Service for your student(s) Prom, Home Coming or Graduation Day. After all, a special occasion should be remembered for a wonderful time only.

The following agreement is to help promote a safer special occasion for youth, parents and Elan Limousine Service, when chauffeuring young persons only:


Teen passengers, parents and Elan Limousine Service agree to the following:

  1. No alcohol or other intoxicants or cigarettes are allowed in the limousine. 

  2. All packages are subject to be inspected by the chauffeur and go into the trunk of the vehicle.  

  3. The privacy screen remains open at all times to allow supervision by the chauffeur.

  4. The chauffeur will phone the parents if alcohol or drugs are detected.

  5. Each parent of a teen passenger must provide a phone or cell-phone contact number in case of violation or emergency.

  6. Only teens registered as passengers are allowed in the limousine.

  7. Any unusual spill, soiling or damage to the car caused by the passengers will be charged to the person[s] booking the vehicle.

  8. Signatures beside each name indicates this contract is accepted by parents and passengers listed and that the representative from the Elan Limousine Service has the permission and right to inspect all packages and call parents accordingly. 

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